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  1. Apple needs to quit with these types of ipods. I'd kill to have a music only ipod that has the HD sound that other DAP's have. Doesn't need a camera or games or other useless crap.

  2. I never had it before but I'm saving up for it to make videos on roblox the only device I'm using is my laptop hp I just got a flash drive for my hp so now it's very op

  3. my parents wont let me get iphones so ill just get that

    (history of my ipod touches)
    my first was a 4th gen then i got a 5th gen so someone stole that so im back the the 4th gen now i want the 7th gen

  4. Apple Arcade is released now, and I’ll tell you this. Arcade is absolute garbage on the SE, it simply isn’t powerful enough!

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