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iPadOS 13.1: Top Features & Changes for iPad!

A look at over 20 TOP iPadOS 13.1 features. Which new feature is your favorite? – Thanks to Zugu, creator of Zugu Muse case for iPad for sponsoring this video. Get your Zugu case to protect your iPad today:

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  1. I noticed that when I receive calls and messages from androids businesses etc they come through my iPad now and I can make calls to any number and text messaging to any number this was the coolest thing for me 😏

  2. Thanks for the Awesome review
    I just updated my ipad pro to 13.1 and havent really tested anything but after watching this I can tell you even though im an big android fan, I really love my iPad now. I dont think I'll be getting rid of my Note 8 for an iPhone, but I thought about it for a second lol.

  3. The keyboard is trash for me how do I go back to the big pad ? Glad to have options but this one takes some getting used to and the voice to text doesn’t work properly

  4. Hey Was working on safari and was trying to get an image. I accidentally went to a link but now I have a new window and can’t find my old tabs! Help!!!!!! I want my old tabs!!!!

  5. That was a great video. Thanks so much. Unfortunately on my iPad Pro 10.5 I don’t see the app switcher bar. I see the bar in the slide out apps, but not for the full screen apps. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Also I changed my keyboard to a single slide out panel. How do I get it back to full width at the bottom?

  6. Tip: that not mention that you have to enable the split screen it does work after the update that drove me crazy for an hour trying to figure out the screen thing

  7. I installed the new iOS and it suffers from delayed touch sensitivity and execution. So far it only crashed once. I suppose it’s not bad for Apple products.

  8. Hi!Thanks for an awesome video. I have a MacBook Pro 13 and an iPad Air. They are great work horses but they getting a little bit heavy to carry around. I would like to replace them with an iPad Pro. Can the iPadOS on the iPad Pro support the following: terminal, git, node js and python software development? I am aware I can do these online just that I don’t always get Internet or reliable internet to do stuff online.

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