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iPad mini 5 review: when portability matters most!

Should you buy the iPad mini 5? In this unboxing and review, we compare the 5th generation mini with the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 3, and others.
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  1. I feel like I was watching a review for the iPad three air. I guess I have to watch that video now. I feel this video didn’t give me very much information about the iPad mini 5.

  2. For pice of a pro i can buy air3 and mini 5 ,its way overpriced even for apple. Ppl just buy to say look at me , i was a moron and bought 1000 tablet and pen.

  3. I'm unboxing mine right now, I feel exited and lame at the same time, knowing I don't need it and am only contributing to our wasteful mindless consumer society.

  4. I have the 2018 iPad with Apple Pencil
    And I love it. But I think I prefer the 2019 iPad mini with the bionic A12 chip and laminated display. As a hobby artist I can get used to the smaller screen of the 2019 iPad mini for drawing with the Apple pencil.


  6. How's the reading experience ? Is it worse because of the smaller size?
    I want to buy a tablet just for the reading purposes. Confused between ipad 2018 and mini 5.

  7. I've seen people that use iPad minis as their daily phone kinda thing, I once saw a guy which could fit it in his pocket and I could see he had the Wifi + cellular version (It was an iPad mini 4)

  8. I got my Mini 5 about 4 weeks ago, Split View and SlideOver actually work good on this, it just takes some getting used to. Now I use an iPhone SE as my daily driver, the Mini 5 gives you about the size of an SE in SlideOver and a wider SE in Split View as in Split View it is actually 2 4 inch displays. I used to use an aging Air 2 but before that, my first iPad was a Mini 2.

  9. The iPad mini is the perfect device to sit back and read … the point made regarding the drawing stuff to me isn’t why most people purchase the mini. It’s the best option for a portable device to read on.

  10. I love my iPad mini 5, the old design is getting dull but its not awful either. I understand why Apple is doing it, to keep costs low and maybe even see how well the iPad mini will even do. Anyways I think the iPad mini 5 is worth it and Im just glad Apple decided to keep it alive

  11. I've been using the 11" iPad while flying a few small Cessnas — too big for a tiny cockpit. Finally giving in and buying a Mini. I hope Apple realizes how important these small tablets are for pilots and continues to improve them.

  12. Actually if your looking for a gaming device. I recommend this device. Runs game games really smooth and performance puts Samsung to shame.

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