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What if there was no building limit in Minecraft?
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  1. I wish they had this for 1.7.10 could help with modded builds that are too big to make (like wh40k ships in minecraft which needs weapon/industry mods AND unlimited y height to be properly illustrated)

  2. Minecraft should be like Terraria in this way. Everything just extends infinitely. Dig far enough down and you'll reach the nether. Build high enough and you'll reach the Aether or the End.

  3. Just imagine the magic. Caves could have layers! Dungeons! Fortresses! MASSIVE MOUNTAINS!!!
    Just imagine the updates… caves, valleys, exploration! The most fun i have had in minecraft is hard mode with alified. 14000 blocks now feels like a journey. Every mountain becomes a massive obstacles. Climbing them with water buckets does not get old! XD

  4. I just want to be able to BUILD vertically as much as needed. Can't have a super huge world tree or Overlord's Tower with such a puny build height right?
    I actually like the limited world size on consoles horizontally though. I just wish there was a way to make it wrap like the world is a sphere, you know?

  5. It would be really cool if this mod was in beta here’s what I think would happen

    Of course the Highlands and lowlands would generate without needing A second mod and the Farlands will go up infinitely

    Second the world rendering Jitter Would happen vertically as you dug down towards the lowlands and climbed up toward the Highlands

    Third you see glitched spawn chunks randomly up in the sky and randomly in the caves and you could pull up parts of the lowlands to the surface using single player commands and do the same thing with the Highlands and since it’s the exact same chunk your house will be there if you build it in your Spawn chunk meaning you can restock on food periodically while caving and it might be flooded in the lowlands

    Finally I don’t even want to describe what would happen if we brought the OPTi fine mod into this

  6. I had a scary thought – what if The End was infinite too? You make one mistake, and fall into The Void. But there is no kill zone to stop your suffering. You simply fall down into nothing untill you starve to death, and even after that your loot will keep falling, forever

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