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  1. I do watch your videos multiple times but one line look me odd some how, not relevant to me when I watch your old video, you start your video by saying to, "start new video". Not bad but you can think of other alternative if possible.

  2. Sale india ki makeag… Hamare khelap a sabmarin use karneka leya deraheho..India Bangladesh ki dusmanhe…sale soyar ki oladw…or akbat ki leya tnq Bangladesh ki or sabmarin 2025 me yathatha jo ur phela yayega or tum royoge

  3. This is a act of Provocation to Bangladesh. How much India will support Myanmar, Greater than this Bangladesh will bring the Chinese presence in our Country.
    N China is 6 times bigger economy than India
    n Bangladesh is 5 times bigger economy than Myanmar.
    Lets see what our friend India do in future.

  4. India gave the submerin to its enemy's hand.

    Myanmar is totally China oriented.

    Bangladesh knew Myanmar will buy submerin. Bangladesh already has anti submerin weapons. Now Bangladesh has more logical position to buy strong anti submerin weapons. Bangladesh got chance to defend indian submerins too.

    India has put the bay of Bengal into a weapon race. It must be a threat to India too. Its a wrong diplomatic move for India.

    Bangladesh is not afraid of this submerin. Within 2030 Bangladesh navy has aim to buy 8 more additional submerin & two submerin base on the Indian & Myanmar side.

    Already Bangladesh Navy have visited Russia to order 3 more submerins & anti submerin helicopter.

    Bangladesh developing its Navy to Protect its 2nd largest Foreign Trade of this region.

    Bangladesh still thinks Myanmar as friend. I also believe Rohingya crisis will be solved through dialogues.

    I strongly believe This Indian submerin is not threat for Bangladesh, its may be a threat for India near to their Andaman & Nicobor Islands.

    Welcome to Military race in the Bay of Bengal.

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