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iMac 2019: Core i9 unboxing & benchmarks

David got his hands on a shiny new 2019 Apple iMac with a whopping Core i9 chip – so naturally we decided to unbox it and run some quick benchmarks to see just how fast this thing is.
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  1. A very good and powerful home consumer graded machine.
    For professional work the iMac Pro is however still the best option by far with better graphics, way faster SSD, workstation grade Xeon processors, more reliable ECC RAM, higher thermal capacity, more and faster ports, among many other features. Has overall better performance and reliability.
    That said the i9 is a very interesting machine for most people who doesn’t need the highest overall performance and has good value for money.

  2. should i get the 21.5 inch on highest model, or buy the 27.5 inch on base model for video (adobe premiere) and photo editing (lightroom-photoshop).. is it 8gb ram is enough for it? if it's not so should i buy the 27 base mode so i can upgrade ram on myself? and how many Gb of RAM the 27inch base model can handle?

  3. You really need to work on your unboxing/presentation skills. The first 3 minutes of this video were excruciating to watch. Especially around the 3:37 mark watching you flailing around like blind person.

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