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I found a Nether Castle in Minecraft! – Part 12

I found very cool looking fortress minecraft epicly
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  1. Mending…. which is a enchanted book
    Put those in your armor ,elytra and also weapons or tools

    It makes the hp level of your armor regenerated back to its full hwalth everytime you collects xp

  2. Getting shulker boxes can surely help you with inventory problem

    With that you can store items 10x the size of you inventory space

    Shulker boxes looks like backpacks that you can place to the floor to put something and grab it back to your inventory

    You can craft shulker boxes ones you found the end city or end ship accesable at the dungeon

    Goodluck bro and defeat the dragon

  3. You should put tracks in the enderworld to get to the teleportation thingys more easily. Ps sry i don’t play Minecraft a lot so idk how all the things are called. It’s better to make railroads than to make potions all the time.

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