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Hứng Bia 18+ – Beers Catcher 18+

Creation based on a very fun game that has trended and very popular on the internet.

Beers Catcher is a simple game, challenge your ingenuity. Through the game play you will conquer the challenges to open the photo.

Challenges with diversity:
– Score Challenge.
– Time Challenge.
– Play backwards.
– New play style.
– High Definition image quality ( HD ).

How to play:
– Just tilt the phone to catch falling beer bottles.
– Lean left – Beer barrel moves to the left.
– Lean right – Beer barrel moves to the right.
– Carefully tip too fall phone.

You can relax with the photos you have gained after a period of stressful effort by trying. Train your skills, fast-paced, quick reactions to unexpected obstacles in the game. You can challenge yout friends, in which there are as many people as likely as you are. Through the game the difficulty of the challenge will increase. If you have ever experienced a similar game on the Web, you probably will not forget the feeling of completing a challenge.

Game for both men and women. At the beginning of the game you can choose the sex you care about. Then the rewards that you conquer is the photo you have chosen. You can re-select the game settings. Note that when you reset the game you will have to conquer the challenge again from the beginning.

In addition to challenging through the game screen, with difficulty increasing. You can play in unlimited time mode. With difficulty is unlimited.

Be careful, you will probably never be able to conquer this whole game. Game is very simple to play but it is difficult for you to master it.

Game is completed with stable performance to help your battery performance better while play this game. You can play in your spare time. Any where, any time.

If so, please rate or comment so we can upgrade our product better.

In case you have the ability to 2 hands 2 phones complete the first 10 levels of the game. Please make a video clip and email it to us. There will be a big surprise for you.

Please send all feedback to:

Thank you all for taking the time to experience this game.


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