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Huawei Y9s Unboxing and Review [What You Need To Know]

This is the huawei y9s and it’s the current newest product from huawei. The phone is packed with lots of features and I couldn’t cover all in the video. In this video I show you the key things you need to know about this device. Huawei makes great devices and this is no exception. This is the unboxing and review of the huawei y9s and I hope you enjoyed the video. A big shoutout to Huawei Mobile ghana for sponsoring this video. They reach out to me and gave me this device to review. Just incase you want some of this device to buy its just around 1,499ghcedis and you can contact @huaweimobilegh on all social media. If you enjoyed the video don’t forget to subscribe,like,comment and share.
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  1. Guys, this is my first true unboxing and review. Pls show some love by commenting and don’t forget to like. Kindly share this video if you can. Video is in 4k. Enjoy and thanks for y’all support

  2. Man that fingerprint is super fast! 128gb and 6gb? I need this phone! I also love the display and camera quality, great review boss!

  3. Chai this my tech people won't kill me oo. I just can't stop watching oo. This camera is everything! Awesome review as usual.

  4. Didn't hear u talk about the display wheather it's amoled super amoled or Fhd, ba as usual great video n as always #igoodsgh2dworld

  5. Great presentation❤….keep it up if the nation doesn't recognize you…trust me youtube wouldn't let you down…IGOODS GH 🇬🇭

  6. So why will Huawei trick us to buy the other Y9 versions before bringing this one?The specs is pretty cool. I will have to get my hands on one and see what it feels like. Great review in all

  7. Thanks for the insight #igoodsgh2deworld
    Day by day ur videos are getting great.
    Kudos, Hard work pays 🤙💥💥


  8. Now that’s a review. True definition of a review. 🔥
    Nice fine bro. 🙌🏾
    I have to say, your voice tho. Easy easy 😂🤣😂

  9. We have to let China know that you represent them so much here in Ghana. They have to make you one of their brand ambassador. The way you explain everything is so so perfect like ur one of the manufacturer.

  10. Camera quality on point battery strength, great, design awesome…. I love this already
    Huawei really stepped up their game

  11. This is like the coolest gadget I’ve seen sooo far…the phone is sooooooo smooth😍😍😍😍😍…everything on point…great review bro…real great review🤩

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