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Huawei Watch GT2 vs Huawei Watch GT Review AFTER 2 MONTHS!

The Huawei Watch GT2 is an amazing Smartwatch when it comes to battery life, but how does it compare to the Watch GT.
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  1. Any idea how this watch functions in open water? It's ATM5 and marketed as a swimming / triathlon watch, but I can't find any info about GPS accuracy. Also not about how the touchscreen reacts when wet.

  2. Mee too pre-order the watch and got free Bluetooth headset watch is great but battery life is 10 days and the think i dispointed that no watch face options i app in uae and some other countries i don't know why ? I am tired of using limited watch face

  3. Hi. Does it has function to set our target heart rate during exercise, so that when our hr hit that target the watch will trigger alarm or vibrate or something..

  4. Galaxy watch has a lot more features but its quite heavy. GT2 is great for battery backup n looks cool too. Its lightweight so its a great companion during physical activities.

    New huawei watch gt2 1.2inch the same like active 2 new
    42nm not 44mm

  6. I used to have Xiaomi Amazfit Pace smart watch and one of the feature I loved, was navigating during an activity (e.g. cycling) using preloaded GPX file. But almost nobody tests, even mentions, this feature in their YouTube previews of any other smart watches. Can anybody confirm that GT2 has or has not this feature? Thanks.

  7. I have a Galaxy Watch and a Watch GT, for me, the "no speaker" on the Watch GT is the deal breaker, it's soooo comfortable to be able to answer the phone without taking it out of the bag or run to the other room, which is why the Watch GT is in it's box waiting to become a Christmas gift or something 😉 However, the Watch GT got better sleep tracking, the Galaxy Watch thinks I'm sleeping when I watch the TV, so it's a lot of "editing" of my sleep time. No problems on the Watch GT for that. The Watch GT got very limited watch faces, while the Galaxy Watch got as many as you want and it's fairly easy to make your own.

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