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Huawei Watch GT2 | 46mm Unboxing & Tour

Unboxing the Huawei Watch GT2 46mm, which was launched alongside the Mate 30 Series smartphones. Here I setup this all-new Huawei smartwatch and tour the UI, including the fitness tracking, OLED display, always-on screen and other new features.
In my hands-on review with the Watch GT2, I was impressed by the sleek design, bright and bold display and ease of use. This unboxing shows how simple the new 2019 wearable is to setup and use, with a slimmed-back interface similar to Android Wear.
Huawei’s watch boasts attractive design as well – this 46mm version isn’t as slender as the 42mm model but it’s reminiscent of the Fossil Gen 5, with slim bezels and a few-frills finish.
You get full fitness tracking features including water resistance, heart rate monitoring and auto tracking for a wide variety of activities. Just hook up the Huawei Watch GT2 to your Android phone or iPhone and you can see and control your activities from the handset.
Stay tuned for a full review!


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  1. Looks like this watch (like the Watch Gt ) also does not have 3-rd party integration (i.e. Starva etc.) as it uses the same Huawei Health app. If you use Strava or sync your activities to 3-rd party services stay away, at least until this issue is resolved, if ever. There is a ongoing petition to add at least gpx export. Here is the whole topic on the forum

  2. Hi, thanks for the first impression. Can you connect Bluetooth earphones to the watch? Also can you use Runkeeper App with the watch, i have over 300 tracked events on Runkeeper and would not like to loose that history. Thanks.

  3. I have the galaxy 2 and ill keep it but i sure would NEVER Pay close to 300.00 for ANYTHING Huawei. Chinese brand that isnt worth the cost. That watch would be closer to 150.00 top price. Quit trying to rip off the american public.

  4. Trump: this dangerous let's ban it, n also ask European to ban too
    HUAWEI: how?
    Trump: u stole tech from us
    HUAWEI: how could I steal something u don't have yet?
    Trump: u dangerous anyway
    HUAWEI how about I sell 5G to u
    Trump: how much? I mean let's make a deal

  5. Does it offer wireless charging? I think I saw charging connectors which is a con since they get rusted and it is very expensive to fix. This happened to me with the first Samsung watches.
    Why didn't this expert mention this in the review?

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