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Huawei Watch GT 2: Not-so-smart but still superb

The best smartwatch that really isn’t a “true” smartwatch.

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong that there is no way to enable the notification sound on the GT2, right? The GT2 will only Vibrate for any incoming Apps Notifications?

  2. That was a great review. Thank you! I wonder if you might be able to confirm if I can create a training plan from health app and download it to the phone.. I am hoping to use this phone to help me train for a marathon. Wishing you much success with your channel. All best

  3. No strava integration, no way to export/import your activities to/from 3-rd party services, limited watch faces and so on, support is none existent. If you are thinking about getting the watch maybe first look at these forum threads/topics – and

  4. Huawei Watch GT 2 can also listen to built-in with by we can put the music files into up to 500 songs, because it has the capacity in the machine is about 2 GB

  5. Huawei Watch GT 2 waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, making it can swim, count strokes, swim and also check your heart rate during swimming.

  6. Highlight video of the Huawei Watch GT 2 version that came up in the image are version, 46 mm. Which live for up to 2 weeks, if enabled, the GPS will be a maximum of 30 hrs, Play continuous music for 20 hours and receive phone calls through Bluetooth is 10 hours

  7. Unrivaled Performance
    Powered by Kirin Al
    World's first BT 5.1 & BLE
    Phone Cals on the Wrist
    Embedded Speaker and Microphone
    Up to 150m distance from the phone
    Music on the Wrist

  8. "It's not a SMART watch".

    What do you want it to do apart from dealing with notifications and tell you the time? Cook you dinner? This idea of putting everything and them some more inside a watch must die a quick and bloody death.

    Am I the only one who think the idea of a smartwatch is to tell you the time and them some more and not the other way around? Give me a week of battery life, an actually readable always on display, quick notification replies (archive, yes, no, call you later, nothing else). Done.

    Making phone calls, listening to music through a speaker, voice search, do you REALLY need that in your watch? Where's my Pebble replacement?

  9. It's completely rubbish OK? It not even could name as smart watch. If you check the specs, you will find that it even has less CPU Freq/ram/rom than your old NOKIA SYMBIAN SMARTPHONE.

  10. Huawei added elliptical as exercise since the GT1. I hope they will update my GT 1 with that too. I can't see any major differences that makes me wanna switch to GT2. Without SIM the phone has to come along with you, so you can answer phone calls with your BT buds connected to the mobile anyway. And that means you can have all music services on the phone too. It's a pity it can't be improved by third party software like the Amazfit products.

  11. @9to5Google,you said that it can place calls. Is that really true? I remember (I think🤔😁) reading somewhere that it can answer only (as you did in the video @2:00)

  12. Fancy fitness watch exactly, not a smart watch. This watch doesn't come close to a real smart watch such as the Samsung Galaxy watch. Smart means exactly that … SGW can smartly control the following: a GoPro hero 7, smart lights and heating in a home, presentations at work, Google assistant = endless possibilities, reply to texts, WhatsApp, telegram, Gmail etc, GPS, and make and receive phone calls. Battery life 5 days with ease. Ah and Spotify pre loaded but can play also play music loaded on board. Smart in that it can connect to phone and headphones.

  13. Since you were somehow able to get ahold of it, could you see if it's possible to load spotify playlists or if they would be able to implement that? also where will this be posted for sale early on, amazon or more towards their website?

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