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Huawei P30 vs Xiaomi Mi 9: Still CONFUSED? Find Out Which You Should Buy!

The Huawei P30 is an amazing phone but let’s not forget about the Xiaomi Mi 9! Both these devices are excellent flagships in its own right but which is the one for you? Watch on to find out!
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  1. I've never seen a single review that makes the P30 seem better than any other mobile phone…. I still bought it ( for 330$ second hand) and I actually like it with all controversy around it. I don't play games on it but I have to say I really wish it had better video stabilization when filming or 4K at 60fps…. the camera is way better than on my old P20lite .

  2. Guys, if we look into performance yeah mi 9 is leading but if we look into value of SAR? mi 9 has 1.39 w/kg , p30 has only 0.33 w/kg which causes to headache and so many sickness. So because of that, I think I'm going to choose P30. Another thing is search about this sicknesses boys, there is not too much differences between these 2 phones, dont live like a radiation barrel..

  3. When picking the right phone, network bands are always comes first since most newest android phones almost with same chipset.

    Xiaomi Mi9 with most bands fit USA carrier and cheaper.

  4. If you download gcam at mi 9 the nogjt mode is beter fhan p30.The only best at p30 camera is the zoom.At this part p30 is the king but if you want a beter ,faster and more cheap phone the mi 9 is the perfect choise.Snapdragon 855 is a way beter than p30 kirin and more frendly whitj the battery so…i let you to make your choise

  5. Awesome review bro! I have now mi9 and im very happy. Can you please post your lock screen theme? Its awesome dude! And the back of tour phone too! Its a Glass cover?? Please share bro

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