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Huawei P30 vs Oppo Reno 2 Camera Comparison!

We are going to compare the cameras on the Huawei P30 vs the Oppo Reno 2. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.


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  1. Once more a really nice video! I like that you put audiosamples for both phones in. Its just one of the little things you do which I appreciate. I also appreciate the conclusion you put at the end. Very informative!

    I own the p30 and what you describe is actually what bothers me so much with the phone (you say it perfectly at 3:25! actually had to laugh :)). Picture quality seems really nice but it feels like the phone has a fixed "beauty-mode" and the colors are somewhat random. Outdoors its mostly okay but once artifial light comes into play I feel like the images (and especially the colors) are very unnatural (mostly bothered by overly yellow images).
    Is there any reason for me to hope that this might be changing in the future? Any updates that can be expected or is this a trend for huawei phones to be wierd in terms of colors?

    I really like natural pictures, so Im considering switching to the pixel3aXL and giving up the WA-lese which I came to love on the p30 for its usefulness! Afaik GCam doesnt have this colorissue and produces natural, neutral images. What do you think? Any other phone you could recommend?

    Thanks for the video!
    Have a nice day

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