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Huawei P30 Pro VS Sony A6400 Professional Mirrorless Camera !

I travelled from Las Vegas to London to compare the Huawei P30 Pro camera with the new Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera. Lets see who wins !
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The Huawei P30 Pro has all the necessary skills to be an excellent flagship choice, and if it matches the hype Huawei is creating around it then it’s going to be a seriously impressive device. #Huawei #huaweip30 #Huaweip30pro
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  1. His camera AI was probably on, that's why u got too much exposure and sharpness. If u disable AI then u can maybe get a bit better picture my modifying it

  2. Good review, P30 is safe for money. Sony you should buy mor Lens and other equipment it is not for beginner. P30 pro is good enough in case google service ia there.

  3. What have you done to your Sony? Picture as well as video looks garbage 🙂 Totally flat colours, no sharpness. Did you put vaseline on your lens? Or, more likely, after editing, did you compress the video down so much that no detail will be left?

  4. There's simply no comparison between the two, I saw the difference in every picture and video. Let's see if Hauwei can delve into the professional camera market and make headway. They are just a company that copies everything, typical Chinese. It won't shock me if the sensor on the Hauwei is even Sony but they will never disclose it

  5. a phone can never replace cinematography of a proper camera, unless there is a new kind of magical smartphone camera sensor

  6. Try use HLG picture profile on A6400 and record some clips in close up or low light, A6400 will blow P30 out of the water.

  7. u should hv done night photography. i love my sony a6000 for d ability to take night photography just by using only kitlens. it'd b great if u compare that.

  8. Okay so unter normal Conditions with good (cloudy) Lighting the P30 is very good.
    But what if u want to take a photo against the Sun, or a fast Moving Object, or at night?

    These are the Siturations a good Camera can point!

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