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Huawei P30 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S10 – Speed Test!

A speed and performance test between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 Pro.
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If you want to find out what phone is faster this video is for you! I’ve included the benchmark results, a fingerprint scanner speed test, a video editing speed test and of course you can check out what phone opens apps faster! So, do you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P30 Pro?

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  1. Redskull which smartphone do you prefer is the best as a all rounder phone samsung Galaxy s10 or Huawei p30 pro and how much more hours of usage do you get on huawei compared to Samsung.

  2. Hi i am one of your fans… i love you and i love your videos ….i am a fortnite streamer (gamer) and there is a skin in fortnite calls ikonik skin and the only way to get it is to log in with my account on the s10 and it's free … please can you help me to get it … i know that you will ❤❤ .. please i'm waiting for your reply.. i realy want the skiiiiiin

  3. Well it's not in vivid mode BTW watching on my p30 pro ditched my s10 plus for my p30 pro before you say anything about huawei you should try all the premium phones first I have my s9 pls s10 plus note 9 mate 20 pro p30 pro

  4. actually you played a trick. e.g. snapeed, obviously the photos have been loaded (you opened / used it for sure) while the p30 pro is the first time to open snapspeed.

  5. Its Huwei P30 Pro all the way. Faster, Better camera its camera is like light years ahead from samsung. S10 doesnt even have a night mode in 2019?! . Charging time is only HALF of s10 plus charging time AND IT LASTS LONGER LOL! Why care about the screen quality? Its still OLED meaning it produces real blacks, and question, would you really even use your phone on max brightness everyday even in public? Cause thats where the difference is only seen. On normal usage, their screen arent that different and both are still OLED. Its easy for us to make excuses like " Its okay if the charging is slower on s10 it doesnt really matter" but in fact, BATTERY and charging time is one of the biggest factor. Imagine being in a rush but you need charge.. In 15 minutes youre already getting 35 Percent on huawei, and take note, this 35 percent LASTS longer than S10 Plus 35 percent, convenient as fuck.

  6. Flagship Speedtests are useless now a days because all phones are quick enough. Make a battery drain test instead. That's more practical and people wanna see it.

  7. I am old enough to remember the dawn of smart phones and TBH both are brilliant and we are very lucky to be in an era of such performance and portability; a computer in your pocket.
    The P30p is just the faster phone but not enough to be a deal breaker.

  8. Redskull : Great Smartphone speed shoot-out between the Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 with Alex acting as the fastest Smartphone slinger in the West ! The winner of the fastest fingerprint speed test is the P30 Pro ! Thanks Scarboro

  9. I have the S10+ and the finger print scanner is hit and miss, sometimes it's quick, other times like you hunting to get it to turn on. Everything else, it's splitting hairs, remarkable devices.

  10. it is scientifically proven that you cannot press two buttons at the same time and at the same pace useless you ambidextrous but either way your review, is it based on which phones is faster or better ………good review no hate

  11. @Redskull : Is it your Video recorder or P30 pro's screen that was having some distracted pixels all over this video.. Samsung one looks fine .. so must be P30 Pro's screen .. It doesn't look crisper as other 1080p FHD+ screens .. specially visible when you are having dark blue background .. Any idea why is that fluctuations on P30's screen ?

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