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Huawei P30 Pro Revisited // Did it Live up to the Hype?

Review and update of the Huawei P30 Pro 5 Months later. I also unbox the Amber Sunrise model in this video. Watch the video for the full review and update.
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  1. Here it is Huawei P30 Pro 5 Months later! I'd love to hear from those who have the phone. Are you guys still loving it? Anything that you would change? hit me up on discord if you have any questions!

  2. This is the best phone I have ever had and I hope it continues working for years for me, it's beautiful. The only downside is the speaker isn't super loud for me but apart from that there is no downsides, it's seriously perfect.

  3. only had it for a week but loving it , telus didn't have the 256 gig to get the free watch or else i would have got it , i love that color

  4. Oh, I'm sorry, Matt, but that Breathing Crystal colour is LIFE!😍😍😍

    Listen to me speak like I can actually afford the damn thing!🤣🤣🤣

  5. Coming from the Galaxy S9 and it's 1440p display, would you think this is a big loss in terms of screen quality? I'm due for a phone change and the P30 pro it the only real Flagship in my price range. Plz help. What are your deal breakers?

  6. I have it since last month and i am not very pleased about this phone .

    First of all , i was an OnePlus user and bought this phone to upgrade from OnePlus 6 . First thing i saw about this phone is the EMUI . This software sucks even after lots of updates (puting this side by side to OnePlus OxygenOS . Very buggy in the first days and had to look on forums how to deal with them (draw over other apps permisiong assigment for the apps , snapchat bug and so on) .

    After a few days and installing the hyperion Launcher i got used to it but the icons looks ugly as f. , downloaded the Pixel Icon Pack and passed after that to other features that looks ugly like the notification bar ( old notification bar that looks like it was from Android 7 not 9 …) . I got over this by using other premium app called Powershade .

    The idea is when you pay that much money for a phone you expect at least a decent software experience (maybe i am used to OxygenOS that is more stable and less buggy) . Even the display is not a big deal for this kind of money , Mate 20 pro has better display and it came out before P30 Pro .

    This phone have also some specs that are worth to mention like the camera and the battery that are top but still the camera begins to lack at software ( like nightmode was a beast at the begging but now the Note 10 and S10 got a new nightmode that equals the huawei one (even tho huawei got RYB sensor).

    This was my fair impression from a owner that tested a good amount of phones starting from Pixel and Samsung to other brands like Oppo and OP and like i said , i expected more from this phone (perhaps from the software not the hardware but i will not forget not using a 1440p display) . For many this phone is enough and will not be bothered by the bugs but for some people that used to own a stable phone with a stable software the Huawei will be kind of problematic (thanks god is android and we have launchers and so on)

  7. Guys, I need your help. Should I take P30 6gb/128gb, or P30 Pro 6/128? I`m a casual phone user, I need a nice camera, phone that can support games, and etc.

  8. I have the p30 pro it is just breathe taking amazin battery life and camera is too good selfie cam could be improved. No lag at all just superb

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