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  1. Looking to upgrade from p20 pro, I like the mate 20x is that worthy of the upgrade or is the camera just too similar, I'd really like dual speakers but want a great camera lime some feedback on what's worthy of a upgrade hopefully having both camera and speakers, or is a just settle for camera upgrade only 🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔?????

  2. Hi Gavin. I have the lastest firmware 153 installed in my P30. I would like to ask if you have noticed some color problems with the wide angle lens. I have noticed some color problems (purple color in some areas of a photo etc.) that become visible when i zoom into the photo.

  3. Great review much better than bigger sites that have free review units!. I've had mine since launch and love it especially in aurora. I was skeptical about the screen but compared to my 2k S8 it's nearly identical. I don't worry about charge speed as wireless is 10/15W.

  4. Great video my friend called as virgin offered him one of these or a Samsung I said go for the hawawei the way iPhone prices are going maybe tempted myself in future

  5. Hi Gavin. Excellent review. There are certain web reviews wich claim that aside of the superior zoom of p30, the optics of p30 are inferior to the optics of mate20, especially at daylight shots. What's your experience?

  6. Wow! the way it picks out the wood grain on the furniture! Where is the cove / creek Gavin? I can only see the pics in 1080p but I can still see the bricks and roof tiles on the big building. Impressive!

  7. Great review Gavin, thanks. I’m glad I went with the p30 pro in the end. Do you use the AI when taking pictures? Are there any scenarios when you would/wouldn’t?

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