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Huawei P30 Pro – Hardware discussion – See description

Please note – This video:
– is visually uninteresting (Hands and black phone) – Consider listening to it like a podcast
– is unedited
– is unscripted
– is 1.5 hours long
– is not about the camera
– is not about the software
– is not a professional phone review
– is recorded on a GoPro
In this video I discuss various aspects of the Huawei P30 Pro hardware including: Size, shape, buttons, battery, USB audio and power adapters, Bluetooth earbuds, the official Huawei flip case, official Huawei fast car charger.
In the latter half I spend too much time installing the Olixar TPU Screen Protector after some difficulty finding the official instructions.
p.s. I see that the GoPro software has put cross-fades in-between each sequential clip. Go figure.


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  1. Nice, I got the Mate 20 Pro. Good choice with the Olixar protector, I had the glass Olixar protector, it would lift off the phone if using a case and it had issues with touch on the edges too, made typing terrible with the edge keys. I just use the phone with its own clear case now and love it. Pleasantly surprised with the AI/pixel binning hybrid zoom and what not, battery life is outstanding even with always on display.

  2. Hi Rob! Love the phone. I'm still with the Lumia 950 xl. I bought a 9300 battery because the original one was knackered and depending on what you say about the huawei p30 pro camera and software in the next videos I might buy one too. Congratulations for your p30 and the videos.

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