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Huawei P20 In 2019! (One Year Later!) (Review)

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The Huawei P20 came out in 2018, so how does it hold up in 2019? Let’s find out!

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  1. I have it almost year and a half. My Iphone 6s died, and my telco gave me free P20 with my tariff plan. Swift keyboard was a nightmare so I changed it with G board. This phone is not the best I had, not mostn attractive, but it is – boringly good.

  2. Do you know when the android 9 update is coming for the p20? Im waiting for it so long and my friends said its already out but you have to update the phone on pc, but i found nothing, do you know when the updates coming?

  3. Can't you flash a custom rom on this thing as well ?? You sounds like because you can put a custom rom on LG g7 therefore it is a better phone …….Huawei has a different set of hardware recycle period …..they tend to release their flagship phone later in the year therefore they tend to compete with their yesteryear product with current mainstream competitors such as Qualcomm/Exynos/MediaTek ……p20 actually has 2017 Kirin 970 even though it's a 2018 phone…. the concept is about the same with iPhone SE …'s a 2016 phone with 2015 specs (apple a9) in a 2012 body (iPhone 5)…..p20 is still a very excellent great phone ……here in Sydney I still regularly sees people using p8/p9/p10 …..this year's mate 30 pro is going to be amazing and do a review on mate X if you can get your hands on it

  4. I have a honor 10, which is identical to the p20 – just better looking. And the phone is very snappy, the software is amazing. The battery is awesome and the battery life lasts me 2 days. For £300-400 it's apsolutely amazing. Will always buy huawei/honor products

  5. It's just a few months old…this kind of videos are pointless and I'm not saying the video is wrong by any means but this kind of subject to discuss in a video looks to me like just a lack of's easy to take every phone that's older than 1 2 3 years and talk about it if it's still worth it or not,because people are not willing to buy the newest phone and they will click on the video
    PS I don't want to sound like a hater..I love Huawei,I used 3 phones from them for 3 years each one and I'm very happy with this brand,also I love this channel too ..this is just my opinion

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