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  1. bruh if they are in the same price, then mi 9t pro will likely cost the same in my country

    if it is released tho, because 5T was released yesterday

  2. Wait wich one is the fast at charger? Iam just a kid hehe can any one tell me whats the best on gaming phone for pubg like for xiaomi mi 9t pro comment for huawei nova 5t? Thx 🙂

  3. Huawei parin ako un huawei y6 ko mag aapat na taon buhay pa at maganda anak kopa gumagamit 4years old d na mabilang bagsak. Watch nova 5t hehehe

  4. Pop up camera is good for your security and privacy.There is a website that if you watch video.The front camera activates.So the pop up camera is a sign for it.

  5. Subok ko na ang huawei pang matagalan ang phone nya pero kpag tumagal na ung phone mo always nagkakaproblema sa baterry nya mabilis na mag lowbat pero when it comes to performance huawei tumatagal dahil ung huawei ko G610 unang labas nila hanggang ngaun buhay na buhay pa

  6. Why you have to compare Non Pro Device to a Pro device? absolutely the Mi 9t PRO is the win2 if nova has a Nova 5T PRO what would it be? jeez

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