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Huawei Mate 30 Pro – TOP 10 FEATURES!

Huawei Mate 30 Pro is OFFICIAL. Full Recap. Here are top 10 New features. From Best Ultra Wide Angle lens in the game to the best 5G speed! M Pen, Cine Video, 7680 FPS SLOW MO & More!
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  1. Huawei's going full throttle mode! This is sweet. Good for us consumers to have competitive and innovative products. For the last couple of year, phones were just bumping up hundreds of dollars just with a sliiiight improvement of performance.

    Now this, this is I N O V A T I O N

  2. The camera is amazing. However, most of people don’t use those features. It’s tired to see Chinese phone companies put crazy spec numbers on phones, which give you a feeling that they are worth to buy.

  3. I am now watching this video on my galaxy note 10 plus 5g. And it is great,and able to beat huawei mate 30 Pro. But even if it can't do don't worry Samsung people, S11 plus is coming real soon baby. Huawei get ready to be beaten. The Samsung revolution has just began.

  4. One youtuber who has the balls to praise Huawei, great job . All the rest are on a short leash and daily whipped from daddy Google not to mention the elephant in the room – the best smartphone in the world. Great job keep up .

  5. guarantee they'll not go through with the unlocked bootloader, just a rumor. If they do, it'll be a major pain in the ass–you'll probably have to submit some kind of form after you make an account and wait several weeks for permission, like xiaomi does.

  6. One of the features is unlocked bootloader that means users can install Google services. So beside Google Play (replaced by Huawei AppStore), it's an far advance 5G Android mobile in hardware especially the camera..

  7. Narcolepsy Mate 30 Pro battery lighter than the 14 The Internet antenna supports 5G instantly, the wireless charging is up to 27 watts. Tap back the wireless charging back, no mute button.

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    HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro Go ahead Four rear cameras in a circular frame

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