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Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review: Pushing Through the Ban & Blacklist

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is literally the best Huawei has to offer at the moment. High-end specs, coupled with a great camera system with that sprinkle of Leica magic, it’s a serious contender in the premium smartphone market without a doubt.

But wait, what good is a smartphone without the ‘proper’ services, we hear you ask?

Well, things have changed a lot since we’ve shot the review, so we say, hold on to your seats, and at the end of it all, this phone might just be great.

Or you can just sideload, just sayin’.

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Shot on Canon

Editor – Bobby Tonelli
Camera/Producer – Soon Kai Hong
Video Editor – Niki

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Thanks to Huawei Singapore for letting us try out the Mate 30 Pro


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  1. I really enjoyed watching this video man, outdoor area isn't so bad after all to shoot a video like this, review style is always really good and informative, audio is no problem can them words u said clearly, and the windy day is just soothing for me. U may find this comment weird but that's how i feel after having a pretty bad day, and yes I'm watching this on my P30PRO 😬🙏

  2. I want this so bad. I'm willing to drop $1k on it but those Google Play apps are needed in my life. Best looking phone OUT. Huawei needs to guarantee some software updates.

  3. Basically
    1. Phone has glass, it'll break. Buy a case (no shit)
    2. Can't capture movement on long exposure pictures (no shit sherlock). Do you know anything about photography?
    3. No Google apps (no shit dipshit)
    4. Talking about THE best Android smartphone of 2019 – sans Google apps – and describes it as a gimmicky phone

    What a hack.

  4. Wow of course long exposure photography you're going to get blur in moving objects? You serious who are these people doing reviews? Every other phone is the same.

  5. Not trying to be a jerk here but it would be nice if the guy would slow down a little. Words like 'megapixels' become 'megzpxzlz'. It's just a matter of articulation and pace. Thanks for the review.

  6. Hi Bobby! Would you please follow me on twitter? I bet I’m the first person ever to ask you to follow their twitter on YouTube; it would make me feel special. My handle there is 8frei. I also dmed you a far out question there.

  7. I have the Huawei mate RS (Porsche design) and ever since, Huawei has been pushing the mobile phone technology. Higher and higher. With new innovation. Instead of using the monochrome lens, Huawei is using software to provide the black and white effects . But the Leica lens still provides good quality photos. Especially taking the sky at night.

    . Given the price, the Huawei phones has always been good value for money.

    Even now the newly coming Huawei mate 30 RS is about the same price as the old mate RS. But the technology levels has been pushed higher and higher. Bigger battery. Better lens. Bigger sensor etc. Super fast charging capability 12 Gb of ram and 5G

    Which other mobile phone do not increase their price significantly for their new flag ship phone ?

    None. Every other manufacturer will push up their prices just with using 5G. To maximise their profit
    But Huawei kept their price about the same level for the top spec flag ship model

  8. Mate that phone is the best one .u saying nothing change from mate 20 then I guess people are stupid ore you are stupid bicause u mean why to buy this when u have mate 20 then why to get mate 20 when we have mate 10 🤔 like u say they are the same yeah.and people who like iPhone or galaxy why to get the new one when they cen stay with s7 or iphone 7 bicause nothing change same phone as you say.mate 30 pro is the best phone out there put this in u mind 😉

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