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Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review – Killer Flagship Smartphone 2019!

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  1. What do you think about the Mate 30 Pro? This is my new daily driver that replaces Galaxy S10+! Cinematic Camera Test:

  2. Huawei p100 pro x+ camera has infra red thermal imaging sensor, with night vision and 5000x zoom. Able to see bacteria and crevices in the moon. It also launches a dji miniature drone that also records in 8k 400 frames per second.

    Trump bans China, Shortly after. phone release.

  3. I am from Indonesia and used mate 20 pro almost 1 year, no complain at all. Mate 30 pro look amazing, I will consider to upgrade my phone to Mate 30 pro.

  4. Huawei has Prohibited to sell in us market but I believe a lot of us consumers are still looking to buy one of this most powerful high end performance product.

  5. Yo I thought you were gonna put the download link to Google play store & service in the description, I can't see that anywhere looks like you've completely forgotten!

  6. I do not like fragile distorted sceens, no regular headphone jack, no volume buttons, no regular sd card, no physical fingerprint scanner.
    I love the cameras, bi wireless charging, smaller notch, secure face id and gestures, the oppo licensed zoom, slow mo is insane however I dont think it is real just ai predicted and enhanced.
    No standard google may me many problems with update.
    Price like iphone and note 10 is way to high.
    Looks are great too.
    Should have stereo speakers.
    Rog 2 has a 6000 mah battery, 120hz screen, headphone jack, dual usbc, color accurate display but only average cameras, but much cheaper.

  7. I think it should have live photo like iPhone has, it's so awesome to be able to shoot super wide angle action photos and choose the best frame afterwards. Miss that on my p30 pro

  8. Good video review! Unfortunately for us in the US this phone will not be sold here. Sure one can buy on Amazon and have it shipped from abroad, but it would come with no warranty. I don't think this trade war will end anytime soon, but hopefully in a year's time and we can get our hands on it.

  9. There are already quite a few websites showing how to install Play on the Mate 30. It's quite simple. Here's one:

    Many people want the YouTube Androd app. With Play installed you can get them all. I personally seldom use any of the Google app except Gmail. I find using a web brower good enough. It is the universal solution for web services. My brower of choice is Opera for Android. It plays YouTube much better than the YT app.

  10. I don't care about Google services
    Huawei create better apps, maps, and everything is better
    I have Huawei p30 pro and i proud.
    Huawei ❤️

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