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Huawei Mate 30 Pro is Going to be Different!

Huawei Mate 30 Pro is going to be special. It’s going to have a few features that no other phone has and a VERY interesting design.
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  1. Mate 30 Pro is coming and with what's going on with Huawei right now Im curious to see what it's going to look like! Hit me up on discord if you have any questions.

  2. I would like to see another system on the phones. like the blackberry, but instead of innovating the system chose to put Android on their phones. very bad.

  3. Huawei fan boys. You all are makeing jokes of apple and samsung users and you all are much worse. Huawei sells shit for same price like others and F*** you in the ass. Bad designe, under average screen, oversharpened pics… So where is here the best phone in the world? hahahahhahahahaha You call people sheep and you just blindley buy what they feed you…

  4. If Huawei start do phones without services Google, im bought Note 11(XD) and I'll wait on first flagship Huawei with HarmonyOS, I can wait 1,2 or 3 years and bought this instant (IT'S 18 days to launch Mate 30 Pro)

  5. But but but, this phone is a national security concern in the US. This phone literarily sneak out at night after dark and walks itself back to China.


  7. Are you giving us leaks or you're suggesting Huawei on what you think it isn't perfect for mate 20 pro so that it makes some improvements for mate users?

    Viewing this video on mate 20 pro

  8. i have a question, because you tend to respond more than others. I have had the oneplus 7 for a couple of days now. And i still have not noticed any visible difference between 90hz and 60hz. Secondly, its not that much faster than my previous Oneplus 6 either. it will lag every now and then. i was super excited about getting this phone. but i have been very disappointed so far. When i first got the phone and started using it and when i realized i havent noticed any difference in the usage of the phone, i thought the phone came with 60hz as default in settings, so when i went to settings to change it, i noticed it was already at 90 hz. then i switched to 60hz and used it for a bit, and didnt notice any difference. this makes me think, i should just switch to 60hz to save battery, since the 90hz makes absolutely no difference. but the worst thing about this phone is, when i type, i type faster than it can keep up. i dont understand how a phone with 8gb ram, and completely brand new, because ive only had it for 2 days so far, yet it already lags, more than my oneplus 6. im starting to think that the whole 90hz display is a gimmick, that sounds good on paper, but has no visible effect to our eyes. meaning we cant tell the difference with the naked eye.

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