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Huawei Mate 30 Pro Impressions! | The Tech Chap

My first impressions of the new Huawei Mate 30 Pro – with a new design, quad-camera setup, kirin 990, 5G, 4500mah Battery and INSANE slo-mo video- the Mate 30 Pro has everything…except Google…😮
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  1. What has happened to the number one free and number one democratic USA? Afraid of huawei? America First? America number one? If not, just no more freedom, and no more democracy!

  2. Outrageous! It’s an ultimate KO! Within the family we used to use iPhone, but I’ll get a mate 30 pro one each for my son, my husband and I, just to show my FULL support. ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️

  3. Mr Tech Chap,
    First nice video, quality wise, but..
    If we're geek enough to watch these "lame ass videos" as my beautiful wife calls them, don't you think we can easily download an app and install the apps (chrome, maps, Gmail, playstore, etc). It may not be your intention but it seems you're really trying to block the sale of this phone (you said anyone should not buy this phone yet). A single Google search or YouTube search can show you how to install the Google apps on these Chinese phones.

  4. I think you're kind of misinformed. All Huawei phones sold to Chinese market lack Google services and google play. My Samsung Note 10+, which I bought in China also lacked those things on purchase. I had to install them myself, which took all of 10 minutes to do.

    Google services and google play don't work in China, as Google is blocked in China, so it only stands to reason that they wouldn't include them in their phones by default.

  5. The only way Huawei will strive is through this scenario:
    1. Kim Jong Un shoots more nukes
    2. South Korea and peace makers run to Trump the Savior
    3. Hero Trump/ Presendential Candidate asks Xi to work it out in exchange for Huawei whitelisting
    4. Int. Relations roll back to the starting point, but at least you'll enjoy Mate 30 now before the next crisis 😉

  6. من عنوان الفيدية توقعنا منك تشرح لنا الزوم في الكاميرا .. فالقنوات الاخبارية تتكلم عن الكيمرا السينمائية التي جائت بالجوال ..
    50% من وقت شرحك قضيته في شكل الجوال وسماكته ومفاتيح الصوت الجانبية وهذا لا يعتبر جديد..
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    اخي الكريم المواقع كلها تتكلم عن الزوم .. فبعضها يقول 45x والبعض الاخر يقول 30x..
    ففي كلا الحالتين المشاهد يتطلع على تجربة الزوم واظهاره في الفيديو في شرحك..
    فكان الافضل تطل على نافذة مكتبك وتختار منظر بعيد وتسوي له زوم عشان نعرف فيما اذا كان يستاهل نشتريه.

  7. Root and flash Gapps! Maybe future retailers could include a developer option to download and install Gapps as system app. Allowing them to ship a phone without Google apps on the device and have the user install it on the device without any special knowledge. This should be legal for them to do as the user is the one installing Google services.

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