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Huawei Mate 30 Pro full hands on impressions and sample video and images – another solid hardware upgrade from Huawei – but the lack of Google services is going to seriously limit the product’s appeal outside China
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  1. ''Overall i think the design is very Huawei, it's not the absolute most elegant design…''
    What sort of nonsense is this? Can you say this bs about an iPhone or a Samsung or even a Xiaomi? Do you know what a good design is? Your opinion stinks as much as your audio quality.

  2. Great video as always mate 👏
    BUT, I'm wondering 2 things for now and hope you'll give me your opinion on that:
    First, if the new P30 pro with new colors is banned with Google services as well since it's a new release?!?
    And what about the previous P30 pro, will he always keep the Google services or only for 3 more months right now like I've read that Google gave 3 months extension to Huawei but banned their services to all new products 🤔
    Any opinions or news about it cause no one talks about it?!?

  3. Any nerdier than average joe person in china knows they can always install google apps on huawei devices if they want. It is easy. The problem is that mainstream european consumers are not nerdy at all 😉

  4. It is so interesting that YouTube doesn't even keep my search history for mate 30 pro. I have to manually input the name every time. At same time, it keep all my other search history. How interesting is that.

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