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Huawei Mate 30 Pro | Everything Expected And More!

Huawei Mate 30 Pro | Everything Expected And More!
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  1. Do these support like adobe rush and adobe utility? my Huawei p30 pro doesn't . It's anoying to shoot video and not having good editing software

  2. If you dont have content just give some time in preparing it and then post some video. This video is completely useless just reading out specs

  3. 4:13 how is that 7800fps if this is 1000fps :

    7800fps should be much slower!
    Somebody needs to test this claim!

  4. who care who care who care who care who care about shitty google apps….. nobody care about google apps….. all what they do is doplicate other work and get credit for it….. we love huawei because its huawei not shitty google

  5. The volume rocker has to double hit the curve edge call it out, this is wasting your time, if there is a hardware volume rocker you can save the double hits.

  6. I think the mate 20 pro looked better. And it was more reasonably priced (not that £900 Is reasonable). Pointless waterfall display to be honest with a case on. Plus that notch…who honestly uses gestures. It must be such a small amount of people who do that in very niche situations. I'd rather no notch. Complete no for this phone from me.

  7. Jaw dropping device with great design, incredible 5G speed and stunning camera features!
    So excited to see tutorials on how to install Google Apps!

  8. I have the feeling the upcoming videos in the next few months will be all about tutorials on how to manually download and install google apps.

  9. I hate that this got so much less press because of the relationship with Google and the US. Seriously Huawei really cares about mobile photographers. They threw a xenon flash that nobody asked for on the back. Powered by huge batteries and huge sensors. Great job by them. Also I am demanding either a translator or precise AI closed captioning any time Richard Yu is on stage.😂😂😂🤣

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