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Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro Malaysia Hands On

The Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro has officially landed in Malaysia for the price of RM2799 and RM3899 respectively, we take a hardware tour and also find out if its video capabilities are as good as they claim.

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  1. is it worth it to get the mate 30 pro, if i rely heavily on whatsapp, google apps and microsoft outlook? How does this affect us if we were to opt out of google services?

  2. Google play dont have..but people …smart phone no more smart if u need otherway to use something just one sigle click….huawei new line up will trouble

  3. Price in Malaysia
    Mate 30 Pro prices
    3,899 MYR or
    28,347 baht
    # KLGadgetTV

  4. Man i'm fine without Google just can you confirm that is it English based system ROM not Chinese right there won't be any Chinese bloatwares right? & Can you please also suggest me any good & reliable online e-commerce website or seller in Malaysia where I can buy the Mate 30 pro & get it shipped? Thanks

  5. Yo is this like a global version of the Mate 30 pro it's the same variant that's gonna launch globally? Is it English based system ROM that's got launched in Malaysia?

  6. Too bad lzplay method it's not working anymore. I don't use Google apps like (Gmail, Chrome or Maps) but I use YouTube. I'll stick to my mate 20.

  7. Seem like a great phone.. But being google-less really is a bummer.. 🙁 However, calling this phone rubbish is way too much.. At least, this phone has a lot of innovative and great features which totally worth the price..

  8. Dead on arrival….. Who in their right mind will buy this phone without Google services… I am surprise that it even launched in Malaysia to be honest

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