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Huawei Mate 10 Pro AFTER 1 year 4 months – STILL USING IT?!

Peaople are often surprised, when i tell them that after one year and 4 months i am still using my Huawei Mate 10 Pro (yes, you read that right, 10. Not 20, not 30, the good old 10) as my daily driver!

Why this phone impressed me so much and what’s making it so good that it’s hard for me to switch to another phone? Watch the video 😉

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  1. 2 years now I got my Mate 10 pro, and you're totally right!! 👏
    I'm getting the P30 pro in amber sunrise and will pass over my amazing Mate 10 pro to my dad. Best phone expenses ever I gotta say.
    Hope I'll enjoy my new P30 pro at least as much as I did and still do with my Mate 10 pro, but something is telling that I will… 😊
    You still using yours as main phone or switched to another one yet?

  2. I'm still using the Mate 10, non-pro. Got all the features of the pro except for Amoled screen and it has a headphone jack. GSam Battery monitor says I have average 7h43m screen on time between charges. 10h53m max 😉 Though, I might get the Mate X whenever it comes out or just upgrade to the Mate 30 (Pro) when my 2 year subscription runs out.

  3. I'm still using it, to. It was bought in 2018.01.19. It is in perfect shape. Works fine. I'm thinking to buy the new p30 pro in 2020, beacuse the super camera system(50x zoom). 🙂

  4. Just picked up a Mate 10 Pro, MINT condition for $240 shipped. I have a MI 9 which I love, but the Mate 10 Pro is just a fun phone to use, it's fast, great camera, and better than a lot of current smart phones.

  5. I used the LG optimus g pro for 4 years it was the best phone I've used. Had to get a new phone because there were no new updates:( have a v20 now and its not as good. My glass broke right after i got it. It fell inside a wallet case. It doesn't compare to the Optimus G Pro

  6. Mate 9 still running like a dream plus its updated to Android 9 and it will get EMUI 9.1 despite it was released in 2016 and yah the Mate 10 pro is listed to get EMUI 10 Android Q so no worry for your phone.

  7. I'm still using my Huawei p10 2yrs old now and I think it's more faster than the old updates because the newer update has gpu turbo and system optimization. Btw I'm still waiting for the next update EMUI 9.1 gpu turbo 3.0 and EROFS.

  8. Using my mate 10 pro since 2018 and still rocks it, i love the battery life…thinking to change to p30 standard, but i don't know if the battery is better than mate 10 pro.

  9. I had the galaxy s7 edge before i got the mate 10 pro, i can tell you it's alot faster than s7. I have had the exact same experience as you had, in most cases. although i got this beast in march 2019 and already installed over 300 apps! Never slowed down even a bit.
    It's still a valuable option in 2019 if you want an all-rounder flagship that doesn't let you down in anything and handles everything no matter what you throw at it.

    Here are the pros and cons in my opinion:
    4000mAH long lasting battery,
    Super fast charging 60% in 30min
    Can take amazing night shots with night mode featuring AI
    Kirin 970 chipset:
    It's just so fast, doesn't ever lag even in most demanding games and apps,
    Dedicated AI chipset which improves almost everything

    Video stabilization could be better,
    Selfie camera doesn't have auto focus,
    FHD+ resolution might not be as sharp as other QHD+ phoses,
    lack of sd card and headphone jack.

  10. I've had my p10 pro for 17 months as well. It's as still as fast and reliable as the day I bought it. Last week my usb c port broke. I rang Huawei and it's in for repair now. Under the 24 months manufacturer warranty.

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