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Huawei Honor Watch Magic Review | Best Value Smartwatch 2019

Smart ✓ IP68 Water-resistant ✓ Stylish ✓ Thin ✓ Fitness ✓ Battery Life ✓
The thinnest smartwatch with the longest battery? That’s right if like me you hate having to charge gadgets every day, and don’t like thick watches, then meet the Huawei Honor Watch, it connects via Bluetooth, gives you a compass, torch, monitors your heartrate, steps, allows you to take it into the water and so much more.
+ Amazing battery life
+ Stylish
+ Water-resistant
+ Compass
+ Find my Phone
+ Pedometer
– Not Always on Display
– No Third Party Apps
– Not Fully Customisable
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  1. Around 2:39, as you scroll notifications, it looks as they have the correct logo (gmail, instagram etc.). Did I see that right? Is that new feature, since in all other videos people complain about generic icon for notifications?
    Great humor, refreshing review style!

  2. First time watching one of your videos, you funny as hell and have a great sense of humor lol definitely subscribing. Also, I ordered this a couple days ago for $140 and can't wait for it to arrive. I'm a die hard Samsung fan but I just love the slim design of this watch to not buy it. Awesome editing skills btw!

  3. As a bonafide Apple Sheep, does this work with iOS devices?
    Now, on to your sense of humor dude. That was funny how you shoot the watch at the beach then trying to wear it afterwards. The C0CK Blocking was a little much but it also made me chuckle.
    Good video, mate. I am sold.

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