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Huawei EMUI 10 vs EMUI 9 – NEW FEATURES with ANDROID 10

Please watch: “NIGHT FIGHT – Note 10+ vs P30 Pro (Low Light Camera Comparison)”
Huawei has recently announced their new version of EMUI and this video talks about some difference between EMUI 10 vs EMUI 9

Let us look at what is Huawei cooking up and going to bring with their new iteration of Android Q coupled with EMUI 10

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  1. TBH, I prefer the old looks of the notification shade. The buttons are neater and not as kiddy like the new circular icons. The new look is too Samsung, no longer the Huawei feel.

  2. Does it make less wierd colors on the pictures taken from the RYYB sensor on the p30(pro)? Really annoyed by the wierd colors.

    Also do we get the native "do not disturb" finally? Seeing the icon has changed. The Do not Disturb from huawei is missing some features and comparably bad.

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