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How To Speed Up WordPress Website with Fast Velocity Minify Plugin – Free Tips

In this video I show you How To Speed Up WordPress with the Fast Velocity Minify Plugin.

Page Load Time is important for both website visitors and the search engines like Google which consider it to be a ranking factor.

There are a lot of Free WordPress Tips out there but one of the most important ones is optimizing your WordPress Website. So in this tutorial, I will show you how.

Learn To Code a WordPress Theme with DevWP:

Description About the Plugin from WordPress:

“This plugin reduces HTTP requests by merging CSS & Javascript files into groups of files, while attempting to use the least amount of files as possible. It minifies CSS and JS files with PHP Minify (no extra requirements).

Minification is done in real time and done on the frontend only during the first uncached request. Once the first request is processed, any other pages that require the same set of CSS and JavaScript will be served that same static cache file.

This plugin includes options for developers and advanced users, however the default settings should work just fine for most sites.”

Here are some of the listed features:
Merge JS and CSS files into groups to reduce the number of HTTP requests
Google Fonts merging and optimization
Handles scripts loaded both in the header & footer separately
Keeps the order of the scripts even if you exclude some files from minification
Supports localized scripts (
Minifies CSS and JS with PHP Minify only, no third party software or libraries needed.
Option to use YUI Compressor rather than PHP Minify (you you have “exec” and “java” available on your system).
Option to defer JavaScript and CSS files.
Stores the cache files in the uploads directory.
View the status and logs on the WordPress admin page.
Option to Minify HTML for further improvements.
Ability to turn off minification
Ability to turn off CSS or JS optimization seperatly (by disabling either css or js processing)
Ability to manually ignore scripts or css
Support for conditional scripts and styles
Support for multisite installations
Support for gzip_static on Nginx
Support for the CDN Enabler plugin
Auto purging of cache files on W3 Total Cache, WP Supercache, WP Rocket, Wp Fastest Cache, Cachify, Comet Cache, Zen Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, Nginx Cache (by Till Krüss ), SG Optimizer, Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and WP Engine (read the FAQs)
Support for preconnect and preload headers
and some more…

If you want me to create a video on how to configure your website to work with Cloudflare, let me know in the comments.


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  1. Wow! that´s a lot! I was using w3 total cache, but it crashed my site with the last update and I had to uninstall it. Would Fast Velocity Minify work alone? I don´t have any other caching plug in except for "Endurance Page Cache". Does it mess up things with Adsense? Thank you for this clear explanation!

  2. I need to look at speeding up my WP site. I had bookmarked some resources for this task. Though, I really haven't had much time to dive deeper into it because of other priorities. I will definitely give this a try. So many different plugins out there. Apart from speeding up the site, I need to find ways to speed up the WP back-end too. Good thing, I know where to come for WP-related help! 🙂

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