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How to Schedule Instagram Posts on a Desktop With Facebook Creator Studio

Did you know that Facebook allows you to schedule Instagram posts from the desktop? Want to know how? Instagram expert Jenn Herman shows you how to create and schedule regular feed posts and IGTV videos with Facebook Creator Studio, and explains how to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts.

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  1. Is this considered to be a 3rd party post? I am going to guess not since it is all from facebook, but I am worried about the old tale that posting outside of the native apps reduces the engagement of posts and hashtags. Fact or Myth?

  2. Question: I was just recently informed all my IG accounts merged and I now have one password for all.
    yet I can only share to one FB account from my IG accounts when I post from my phone, can I add all these IG accounts to creator studio from my FB?

  3. I have videos that are about 2-2.5 mins long. I know they cannot go into Instagram videos as they are longer than 60 seconds. But IGTV videos were stated that they go up to 60 mins, however, the creator studio is not allowing me to check them off and post to IGTV. Does anyone else have this problem?

  4. All was working until I tried to select the post from the FB posts to add to the IG post. Every time I go to create post from the feed, and click on "Add Content" then select "From FB page", I select the post and click on "Continue with Selected Posts" and it does nothing. It brings me back to the 'Post to Instagram" page but does not include the graphic of the post I selected. Any suggestions???

  5. You mention that videos have to be certain aspect ratios, but what about images? Does it automatically crop images to a square, or does it keep the aspect ratio of the original image? This is super helpful information, thank you!!

  6. This is really great, but I am having a problem with the Instagram side of Facebook Creator– The Create post button is not there. Only shows up on Facebook side. Can you help?

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