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How to remove WordPress theme installation error

WordPress provides a very simple way of uploading and installing a theme to website. All you need to do is upload and install them correctly with few
simple clicks in your WordPress dashboard. But sometimes it is difficult to do so and you may face some difficulties while uploading or installing a theme
a WordPress theme. This errors are generally not an issue while you are installing a child theme or free demo theme. This errors are more often when
you bought a premium WordPress theme and try to upload the theme’s zip file in your WordPress dashboard. Sometimes it just doesn’t get uploaded and sometimes
the upload gets complete but it shows error while installing the theme. “The link you followed has expired”, is one among many errors that you might
face while installing a WordPress theme with a zip file. These errors can be corrected but there is a simple way to avoid them at first place. To avoid these errors
all you need to do is to install the theme manually in hosting cPanel instead of WordPress dashboard. All you need to do is
Open your hosting cPanel
=go to cPanel admin
=go to file manager
=select radio button, document root for:, then hit go
=got to wp-content
=click on upload
=select the zip file that you want to upload and it will automatically start uploading
=go back to wp-content/themes and extract the zip file
=Then hit refresh and you will see a folder with a theme that you have just extracted


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  1. I swear than i am heavily thanking you for this post. I looked for solution for two days just to install my sw revo theme and you are the only one who has given me the solution. Thank you.

  2. Hello there, what is your preferred WordPress page builder ? I use several although my builder of choice is generally Oxygen.
    Many thanks for your time and effort with this video footage – terrific stuff!!

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