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HOW TO PLAY TRISTANA | Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | Rocket Girl Tristana | League of Legends

Season 9 Tristana ADC Guide Gameplay ►0:04 Build 0:07 Runes
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  1. Between lvl 6 and 10 it's amazing how many kills I get with Tristana when enemies think they are bullying me by pushing minion waves all the way to my tower, so I stand next to the tower, jump over and behind them which deals magic dmg and slows them while I auto attack them once, then they always start attacking me because they think they can walk a couple steps out of tower range forgetting they are slowed, then I blast them with my ultimate knocking them all the way back under my tower which kills them in about 3 more volleys after I've already done about 50% dmg to them with more auto attacks as they frantically try to slowly run away from the tower toward me lol! Since the rocket jump cooldown resets when you kill an enemy, if I'm killing 2 enemies this way, I plant the bomb on the 1st less-tanky enemy's head so when he dies first the splash dmg hurts the 2nd enemy, and I imediately rocket jump on the 2nd enemy to slow his escape again so the tower gets a 3rd-4th shot on him and/or allows me to finish him off with a few more auto attacks if he does happen to make it out of tower range by that time. This technique works even better with a large minion wave since both the minions and my character will body-block the enemy or enemies from running away from the tower since they can't run through the minions and would have to go around them taking a couple more seconds which ensures they take at least 1 more tower shot…and since tower dmg scales with each additional shot, a 4th shot does huge dmg!

    Knowing the rocket jump resets when you kill an enemy also allows to you tower dive a low HP enemy by jumping in and auto attacking him a couple times to kill him, then jump out of tower range and you only take 2 tower shots so it's possible to do this starting with as little as about 33% HP. If you're going for an enemy with a tiny sliver of HP left and you can kill him for sure with 1 auto attack, you can jump in and out and only take 1 tower shot.

  2. Ive been 1-tricking trist since the crit item revert. Her all-ins are disgusting right now. Just duo with an alistar leona two-trick like me and win every lane basically.

  3. A very nice guide like usuall…. Very underrated youtuber.. Maybe i have an idea for you you can make guides like not gameplays but you talk about runes.. Items.. Counters.. Easy matchups etc like i learn more with a detailed guide not just an example of gameplayqand you can make videos like this and only call them gameplays

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