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  2. I like how lag can sometimes give you advantage

    I was climbing a ladder to my treehouse and there was a creeper I didn't see on the top of that ladder

    it stopped right when it was gonna explode and when I ran away, it stopped
    so I just waited for it to despawn

  3. You got a decent computer which had no fps issues in earlier versions?
    You have no problems in fullscreen but in window mode?
    You dont want to turn off every single option to the lowest?

    Try turning off vsync and put max-framerate to unlimited. It helped me…

  4. A few things I can't do:
    1. I can't get forge and optifine together.
    2. I want to play fullscreen.
    3. I can't go to render distance below 8 because then I can't see anything.
    4. I have turned every setting to minimum or off and it still lags and I don't want to make minecraft look like some kind of minecraft clone flash game.
    5. I don't use resource packs in 1.14.
    6. I don't use shaders that much in minecraft. I only use shaders if I want to make cool looking screenshots.
    7. Also optifine doesn't even do much in my minecraft.

    Things I want to fix:
    1. Sometimes mobs freeze and I can't interact with anything and it's very annoying.
    2. Sometimes minecraft freezes when I load a world so I have to use task manager to close it…

    The end.

  5. 1:45 I think you should put 720p only if your graphics card is veery old (like an nidia 6600GT). i have an HD4000 8 gb RAM and play on 1080p. if i don't play on 1080p my fps gets lower. i think because of a CPU bottleneck (i3 3110M 2C 4Threads 2.4Ghz). even on 1080p my HD4000 is having a great time with 50% usage, while my poor CPU at 100% the whole time. RAM mostly filling up, so creating stutter at most of the places in minecraft(bad optimizations from mojang or just java that loves to fill up your ram.). i have 19 Mods installed and the ram problem is way worse*

  6. I only have 10 – 20 fps with constant lag spikes since forever plus i just recently got optifine but it didnt help at all lol (yes I downloaded it correcty)
    I think I just need a new pc at this point :/

  7. If your experiencing a lot of lag in 1.14.4, then you need to do the follow.
    #1 Get more ram. 16GB for your system and allocate about 8GB worth of ram to Minecraft.
    #2 Get Optifine setup for Minecraft
    #3 Change your video settings in Minecraft.

  8. i have a gaming pc i turn on high shaders 70fps then i stop playing minecraft for 2 months i come back on it and the game crashes everytime i load into a world what happend to my pc performance?

  9. This video help so so so SO MUTCH! thank you! I played in 2016 and stopped for a while and came back to my laptop not able to run it, this showes improvememts instantly! If anyone is rearing this and has genuine lag trouble, follow this tutorial, it helps. ALOT!

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