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How to make Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn) the American Way | AMWF | John Le

Margaret decided to surprise me with one of my favorite meals ever – homemade vietnamese spring rolls. I have had a long week at work, and a busy morning working outside, i was so tired so i fell asleep. We were planning on cooking it together, but she took it upon herself to cook the whole thing. It was delicious.
When I say I love spring rolls, i mean i can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner for a week straight, if I can.

Follow along and see how to make homemade vietnamese spring rolls

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  1. Instead of boiling the shrimp, buy shrimp without the shells. Ok if they are frozen. In a pan add some water, the shrimp, fish sauce, pepper and sugar and simmer on low heat. The liquid will help to cook the shrimp and as the liquid evaporates you have left a fish sauce caramel that is delicious.

  2. OMG. I didn't expect to see you, Margaret, as the leading role 😂 Your voice is so sweet when you speak slowly. Yess, you are so cute ❤️❤️❤️ So is John (if he felt jealous) lol🤣🤣
    Btw, removing the bubble is the correct way to cook. And John, your wife is right. Scientists have proven that shrimp shells have no nutritional value at all

  3. Yes. We make that from time to time. Funny thing is that my wife taught me how to make it! LOL.
    I learned a few things from you! We grill the shrimp and the pork. We don't boil our peanut sauce either. And we don't add eggs into our spring rolls.
    I think the trick to not let the wrap to tear is not putting too much stuff in it. 😀
    Don't grow the mint in your backyard!!! They are like weed! Soon, you will never be able to get rid of them. We have so much in our planter box that we have to pull them constantly! haha.
    Margaret did an excellent job cooking AND filming all by herself!! But please tell her that PF Chang is as good as Panda Express! LOL.
    Now I need to go to make some spring rolls!!

  4. You missed "bean sprouts". Secondly, that kind of lettuce and mint are not used in Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn). Romaine lettuce and Vietnamese/Thai mint should be used in making the Vietnamese Spring Rolls. They can be found in all Asian markets. For your information, the FDA states Vietnamese dishes/foods are among the top 10 healthiest foods in the world. If you are on a diet or a veggie-lover, you should try their non-meat version of every meat dishes. In the Vietnamese language, the word, "Chay", means vegetables. If you visit Vietnam some days, just google the phrase, "Nha Hang Chay" and it will give you a list of non-meat restaurants. In America and outside Vietnam, I don't think there are any Vietnamese's non-meat restaurants. If you are interested in taste testing some simple version of their non-meat dishes, ask your husband to take you to a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple on Sunday. The temple and its followers often serve "FREE foods" to everyone after the ceremony. You don't have to be a Buddhist follower/practitioner/believer to get a free meal at the temple. They are for everyone. Our house has no one who is Vietnamese, but we have the same bottle of Sriracha Hot Sauce as well as various Vietnamese hot and sweet chilli sauces because they are organic and make from fresh peppers without any chemical ingredients.

    Here is a question for you: do you dare and trust your husband enough to allow him to vacation in Vietnam alone? Without any doubts, I bet you that some rich Vietnamese families will definitely volunteer to give him whatever he wants to marry their daughters. He is better than the Japanese Kobe steak.

  5. Hey, kudos for Margaret…👍👌. She did an awesome job on those spring rolls. They look yummy…😋😋😋. Save some for me because I'll be driving through Georgia soon. I have a friend, her and her family are moving to Florida and they want me to drive the U-haul there from Utah. Was suppose to do it this weekend, but the buyer fell through. I suppose it's good, because I see a hurricane heading to Florida pretty soon. Anyway, I love the video…😀👍❤

  6. Looks good but did you really not season the pork? You should really try to season it next time, just put pinch of salt, plus onion and garlic powder in the boiling water.

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