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How To Install an Equalizer on Windows 10 – BEST EQ!

How to install and set up a software equalizer on Windows 10. Greatly enhance the sound of your speakers. Make your speakers or headphones sound like they should cost a lot more money!


Install First:


Install Second:

More info on the software:

Video on how to properly set up and tune an Equalizer:
(Not yet uploaded!) 🙁


Intro, Outro, and Background Music:
Not The King


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  1. Easy to install, and it worked a beauty here! Thank you!

    Just a curiosity: the "Live" preset was great with my sound system (whose bass is too loud) if anyone wants to try it too.

  2. McAfee antivirus keeps deleting PC Equalizer GUI and I don't know how to stop it. I get as far as installing it and running it but as soon as I start to adjust the levels, the program shuts down and is no longer on my PC. I'm not getting a notification from McAfee but each time I reinstall the GUI McAfee lists a new threat as being blocked with no info, so I can only assume it is the Equalizer. What gives with that?

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