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How To Highlight Text In Microsoft PowerPoint

Most people are familiar with the text colour highlight tool in Microsoft Word which allows you to add a highlight colour to selected words. However, you’ll notice that there is no such tool in PowerPoint.

In this video I show you a quick and simple little trick which creates the effect of colour highlighted text very easily.


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  1. This is just another excellent example of why Microsoft (MS) PowerPoint is still retarded. It is simply amazing that they (MS) still haven't managed to add a proper highlighter. (It exists in Word, and highlighted text can be copied from there, not like this genius is doing with adding colored rectangles. No offense, it does solve the problem, but what happens if you add another line? Guess what, you then have to move the colored rectangles! This is just as silly as painting a house with a toilet brush…) Jeez, MS has spent more than 20 years to develop something which still doesn't have a highlight tool! They clearly spent their time on changing everything around to make it mediocre, instead of making it better… And thanks to MS for now wasting half my screen (so I have to buy an even bigger monitor) with the fully redundant ribbon menu, it still sucks! What about adding a highlighter tool instead? 😉

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