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HOW to get to Pattaya from Bangkok airport cheap

How to get from Bangkok international airport to #Pattaya, easy, cheap, simple, explained – don’t get scammed. Cheap price, I barter with the taxi driver, see how; where to go and what to do. DAILY VIDEOS new travel channel, cheap travel Pattaya

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  1. All of you in the YouTube are busy making the video of how to go from Bangkok to Pattaya as if people are going to stay there in Pattaya forever. how will the people know how to come back from Pattaya to Bangkok airport ? Not even a single proper video about. It is very important because if there is a slight delay in getting back to airport and if we miss the flight then it will be a disaster, so It is like you are telling the people how to climb a tree and you never tell then how to get down from the tree. you should also make a video of how to go back from Pattaya to Bangkok airport in a fastest, cheapest and easiest way.
    (By any chance if you have ever made a video about then please send me the link)

  2. For those that do not have a preferred mode of transportation buses can be booked from some of the counters on level 1 near the food court for only a couple hundred baht, personally i use bell travel service bus as hotel transfers can be arranged at an extra cost, still only a couple hundred baht, much cheaper than a taxi, however if you are a social butterfly you can always find someone to split a taxi with and reduce the cost further

  3. hi Dan Bell bus service should be mentioned coaches between 6am to 6pm, takes you to your hotel entrance lobby for 200 baht or so used them several times, paid a bit extra for my golf clubs but always has been excellent service, takes you to north pattaya bus station then transfer to 8 seater taxis to hotel, you have to book on line or if in pattaya go to their office in the north patts bus station for return, cheers

  4. Great video Dan! Valuable tips as always! Keep it up man! 😎

    First time in Thailand, git scammed by the cab driver! From the BKK airport to my hotel in Sukumvit, the meter indicated 940 Baths! I knew something was off but after 24 hours in the air, I couldn’t care less and learned my lesson!

    From then on always get a cab from the Departure area! This applies to everywhere in the world by the way! Always get w cab in the departure area as it’ll be cheaper!

    Regarding going from the BKK airport to Pattaya, once you get out of the immigration, go one floor down there’s a bus that goes to Patts every hour or so and it’s very cheap, about 100-130 bahts. Plus there’s a decent food court there to get som energy while waiting your bus! 😉

  5. Amazing video Dan just getting to know your channel. I love your video editing and quality. Crazy skills keep it up we will support you. Just wanted to share something with everyone about traveling by taxi to pattaya if you really have to. Go to the departure level and get a taxi from there some drivers drop passengers and wait to get a customer. It's much cheaper because apparently from the departure level they don't have to use a particular highway and they avoid paying a certain fee as compared to the designated arrival taxi stands. So if you really want to get a taxi to pattaya get it from the departure level and you can negotiate to a very reasonable price. Hope this helps

  6. Why is it so much more to go to pattaya then bangkok? I was checking prices on expedia and a week in Bangkok with the cheapest flight and a 4 star hotel is around 1000 US dollars for January on 2020 but If i wanted to go to pattaya that jumps to over 4,000 bucks?

  7. Hi Dan, my party piece when I arrive in Bangkok is go up to departures via ATM, then jump on a taxi that is dropping someone off, but there is 2 rules, number 1 is negotiate the rate too pattaya with tolls….number 2, make sure your driver your talking too is the one taking you too pattaya, then put your bags in car..
    Then we are all good to go….Teelak time 😎

  8. Love the videos. Been to Thailand only once and can't wait to go back again. Maybe next year in March. When I arrived in Bangkok, stayed for three nights then went to Pattaya by taking a bus from Ekkamai bus station. Ticket cost about 110 baht and an extra 20 for the weight of my bag. Comfy bus ride and 2 hours later arrived. Great cheap option.

  9. I used Cherry Taxi to and from Pattaya on my last two trips. Reserved the trips on their website. They responded with an email. The taxi was waiting for me at the airport. Price was 1000baht. Google Bangkok Airport to Pattaya and you'll get a list of taxis and instructions on how to get to and from Pattaya by bus.

  10. Good luck with the channel, first impressions are………impressive. Just subscribed. Do a few vids from Koh Samet, just a thought. Great little island. 👌👌👌👌

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