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How to get Minecraft PE for iOS for free (2019)

Hey, in this video I gonna show you how to get Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS for free!

The app that allows to download Minecraft is called Panda Helper. Panda helper is totally free and it’s 100% legal.

Minecraft download from the free version of panda helper will work up to 2 weeks. Then you have to delete it and download again. This is because it’s a regular version of a panda helper.



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  1. Ummmm what if it says you have to prompt or something tell me why it says they and it told me to put ok and it took me somewhere what do I do

  2. Ok sooo I got it and it works, but I can’t get multiplayer because I want sign in (I got it to play with my friends) can you PLEASE help me with this?


    1. Make sure that Your Iphone isn’t connected to the internet
    2.Go settings
    3.Safari tab
    4. Clear history and website data
    5. Then you should be in able to open the Minecraft normally.

  4. Hi,so I have the “revoked” problem like basically half of the people that commented. I noticed you’re not replying to most of them,but my question is,how much time do I gotta wait so they fix it??

  5. It stopped working after 1 day then i tried to reinstall it and its saying that the certificate is revoked
    What should i do ?? Pls tell me

  6. Pls help me
    It’s downloaded and instaling but it is not going after 90%
    Its been more than half an hour and its installation is not completed
    Pls tell what to do

  7. Nah That Panda Helper App Is Trash Bruh Don’t Waste Ur Time We Can Play this game like a day until it need us to verify again

  8. But it still cost money you have to buy the premium and vip so bassicly if nobody buys it for you Minecraft still cost money.. unless I’m doing something wrong

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