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  1. it depends on what sound card we have, Surely the worst of all is Conexant installed on Toshiba laptops! its a pain in the ass!

  2. In windows 10 on your lower right hand side there is a DTS AUDIO CONTROL tab option. click on Listening Experience option in it. and there you'll find equalizer option.

  3. how come when i go to the enhancements tab, i see it there, but it wont let me click on any of the boxes or scroll the menu down?

  4. wow, I thought this was going to work when I saw him clicking stuff I hadn't before, but of course there is no enhancement tab/button anywhere.

  5. I don't have any enhancements tab. You need to specific which audio card you have, either onboard audio or an addon audio card. Laptop, or desktop, and what brand. The OS won't matter. Most people will have to go download a graphic EQ to have these effects.

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