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How to Add Sound Equalizer in Windows 10 / 7 (PC & Laptop) to Improve Sound Quality

Complete Tutorial on How to Add or Install Sound Equalizer to Windows 10 or Widows 7, 8.1 (PC or Laptop) to improve sound quality.
Now adjust your music equalizer for Spotify, Youtube or even Google Chrome to chande the bass or increase or reduce bass treble levels of your Audio in Windows 10, or Windows 7 .

The Complete Text Tutorial is present at –

While here are the software download links –

Equalizer APO for Windows – 64-bit –

Equalizer APO for Windows 32 -bit –

Equalizer GUI to adjust decibel levels or presets –

PC Equalizer with GUI for all Sound card drivers


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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this. The equalizer worked fine the first time. I increased the bass and gave it a sound check. It does not even want to open now, however(second time around). Every time I try and click the link it asks me if i want to make changes to this computer, and the program will simply not open. Please advise.

  2. every time you log in, a window pops up with the permission to run the application. Windows 10 do not see the option that in the future does not check this application :/ there is only a global setting and I would not like that……….

    This link takes you to a website called VirusTotal you can look it up it is 100% safe but anyway it shows 5 bad things in the program.

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