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How KaiOS is catching up with Android.

KaiOS vs Android, which operating system will become the next big Smartphone OS?
TechAltar’s video on PuffinOS:
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  1. Thanks for watching, and thanks to TechAltar for being a part of this collab, his video is here:
    Once you've seen both videos, comment down below which OS you think has more Potential! 👊

  2. i am using s10 and nokia 3310, both as daily driver, 3310 during my job- less distraction and to handle rough worksite(middle east super hot 45 deg Celsius) and s10 for personal use

  3. add that feature phone with functional walkie-talkie, bigger battery life that last for a weeks possible built-in shake to charge or mini solar panel, a flash light and durable enough to survive stress and harsh weather. A phone that can last and use in post apocalyptic events.

  4. The problem is, people who have to use 20$ phone probably won't have enough bandwidth limit nor speed to use the system. So OS was built for low budget but low budget does not get you good connection with unlimited data. So in my opinion, it is going to die eventually.

  5. we are living in an era where people want to show off. if an iphone cost 3k people will buy it. same with galaxy.

    people dont care about affordability. for today's generation, money is not as important as it was.

    Creating something cheaper, looking uglier is not attractive for the consumer.

  6. Dead on launch… it's more difficult to use this than a touch screen…. smartphones used as 'burners' can still be obtained cheaply… I purchased the new nokia and the software is a total mess…. the button placement for 'back' and settings are on the same physical button, and it is an absolutely hellish experience.

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