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How I Make my Videos

How I film my cycling vlogs, probably needs a part 2, there’s lots to cover!

Also we’re going to Vietnam

The following companies (that you’ll see in my content) support me either financially or with free stuff, so huge thanks to these guys for helping the channel thrive:
Jam Cycling,
Attacus Cycling,
Wilier Triestina,
MET Helmets,
SpinOnThese Wheels,


LUTs – I use Zack Kravits LUTs available here:

MUSIC – I used Musicbed, FREE trial affiliate link here:


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  1. Mettle speedstrap is a good option for a strap, you have to pay extra for importing it from the US as i found out, but its a great way for me to take my fuji xt3 on the bike with me to take some photos.

  2. Custom made camera strap??? I'm looking for a sling style so it sits on my back. Can you point me in the right direction please?

  3. The main thing wrong with a screen is that most YT Vloggers end up talking to that and not down the lens

    “If you’re talking to me, then talk to me” I occasionally shout out loud. Rant over with.

    Awesome as usual.

    Some one compared you three to TG, their Vietnam special episode is one of the best. The scenery is amazing. The food not so. I think you’ll struggle to get pizza along the way.

  4. You could possibly look at changing your video settings on the gopro to make it more usable. Good example of settings here much more cinematic look.

  5. Nice video, really good of you to share some insight into what you use and how you go about it.

    I really enjoyed your USA project, I hope Vietnam goes a well, especially for Lawrence this time. The videos were great regardless.

    Go tubolito or tubeless?

  6. Hey Francis, big fan of your content! Would love to see what your editing process is like. Such as color grading, sound editing etc. Thanks mate!

  7. Hey francis,
    Not sure if you already know, but you can 'un-gopro/actionkam' footage. The guy who shares the office with Peter Mckinnon (too lazy to look up his name soz) did a great video but its definitely out there and once you have done it twice its super fast. I use go pro a lot for action sport jobs. Works a damn treat! Let us know if you need anything and ill help out where i can

  8. Hey Francis can you include a piece on shot selection and editing. You seem to be able to bang out each vlog in a very tight timeframe. I remember once you spoke about knowing exactly what you want to shoot, and how this developed over time. How do you keep your footage to a minimum and still get the best shots/clips/edits?

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