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Honor 9X Unboxing & Initial Review – Mid-Range Champ!?

Honor 9X unboxing and review – 6.6in screen with the new Kirin 810 mid-range chip from Huawei. Depending on config this could be seen as a budget or mid-range device, but this chip will go in more expensive phones
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  1. Sony had side mounted fingerprint sensors for a long time. That's my favorite position for it personally, then rear next. Under display fingerprint sensors are junk technology tbh. I don't mind the placement, but they're slower and less reliable so why bother.

  2. Thx for this video. I was concerned of the fingerprint on the phone. Saw a video were it takes 2 seconds to unlock. But here. It works perfectly. Good to see… Is this the normal 9X or the Pro?

  3. kindly look into the issue that google play doesnt work in honor 9x. I want to get this but I am.having second thoughts becuase ofnthe google issue as pointed out by @frankietech.

  4. I buy honor 9x on aliexpress.but dont have google I download the google core by myself.but when I open the google playstore the phone will force close the google play store.did ure honor 9x have the same problem?

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