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Honda CB500X – Adventure Motorbike For Traveling Vietnam

The largest rental motorbike in Vietnam!

With anything in Vietnam above 170cc getting heavily taxed, “big motorbikes” are still rarely seen out there on the roads. Tigit is the first to be renting large capacity motorbikes in Vietnam with legit/real paperwork.

For two people luggage or careful cruising!

This motorbike is in our fleet for a traveler wanting something similar to what they may drive at home, or for a comfy two person cruise. This motorbike is way beyond the performance capabilities needed in Vietnam. Get this motorbike for comfort, safety, control and stability. Not for speed or power.

Honda CB 500 Adventure with side boxes / panniers

Tigit’s Honda CB 500x is loaded up with Aluminium boxes from Givi and full crash protection gear. The 500x is marketed by Honda as an “adventure motorbike”. We don’t really buy into this concept of a road bike pretending to be an offroad dual sport, but that mild adventure concept is probably handy for the potholes and occasional gravel tracks.

We rent this bike in Vietnam at Tigit Motorbikes:


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  1. You should try out the Kawasaki Versys X 300. It's a bit more nimble and economical than the CB500X, although the Honda is still a terrific bike. Also, why is it so difficult to acquire a bike of more than 175cc? It seems as though the Vietnamese government is determined to force the population to make due with lackluster machines.

  2. Hi mate I said I’d comment on this video as it is the latest. Are the XR150’s pretty much available year round? To purchase that is. Used and new. Thanks in advance

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