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GTA GameX 2017 – Video Game Swap – Mississauga Ontario

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  1. I really wish there was a convention or swap near where I live. I'd love to go to one of these if it the closest one wasn't hours and hours away!

  2. Wish we had conventions like this were we live. We are forced to go to yard sales and thrift stores for our retro finds. Great video!

  3. How did you get those frogskins with the O etched on the lens?! They look dope AF but my lens don't have it 😕

  4. button up shirt!? new look for the youtube-SEEJAYARE usually just see gamer Ts.. laundry day?? lol the show looked good, i slept all day!!! went to the Pokemon Concert on Saturday night then came home and games out on mario kart lol . so sunday was a right off.

  5. Ah cool I know where that is. I spent some time at the University of Guelph just west of that location. Lovely area! I enjoyed taking the train into Toronto and seeing Blue Jays games 😀 Howdy from Texas and Rangers fans 😀

  6. awesome video I was wondering is there any of these expo in Toronto and how can I find out when they are happening this is the first time I'm hearing about these expos thanks

  7. Can't wait for the updated GB collection video! So I went to a traders village down south. Still pretty new at this so not sure about the prices. I picked up Donkey Kong Country 3, Mario All stars, (SNES) Chrono Cross (PS1) Digimon battle Spirit (GBA) and a GBC Yu-Gi-Oh game for $40. Not too bad right? Also went to like my two first garage sales and they didn't have any games.. lol I don't know how you do it!

  8. Hey SeeJay, it was a pleasure to meet both you and Matt at my table yesterday. I was the guy in the red sweats and South Park tshirt. I wish I had some gameboy games for you, hopefully I'll have some in the future 😛

  9. Great video
    Good Gameboy picks. I really need to visit these kinda events
    I'm excited for Garage sale videos. I found your channel through them

  10. Good Day seejayare and matt how much would you recommend bringing to a swap meet or garage event out that way? I stay in Adelanto,California High desert area.

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