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Gout Diet: 10 Steps to Optimize Uric Acid (2019 Update)

A gout attack is one of the most painful things you can ever face. What if the majority of gout attacks where caused by what you eat and drink? Food and drink are the cause, but not the food and drink you might imagine.

A low-purine diet and pills are recommended to patients with gout, but is there a better way? Does eating more or less purines even really matter? It does, but in the opposite way you might think. If you know someone with gout they would be thankful for you sharing this video with them.

What other LIES haveYou been told?

Fructose & gout:
Sugary beverages & gout:
Fruit & gout:
alcohol & gout:
Urate crystals in normal tissue:
Urate crystals in pain-free joints:
Uric acid reabsorbed:
70/30 uric acid excretion urine/GI:
Coffee protective:

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  1. One week away from an 18 day overseas trip with a Jessica-Rabbit-type 25 years younger than me and I just got a gout attack in my whole right leg… SOB. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!

  2. Loved this information, but Dr Berry the link to the potassium/magnesium link is no longer valid. Would you please reply with the name or link to this liquid. Many thanks

  3. My husband has RCC and only has one kidney. Would a keto diet be safe in this situation? We have to watch his numbers carefully, potassium is always too high. Only recently been plagued with severe gout.

  4. Lol. No whole food plant based eaters have gout. End of story. This dude is straight up lying to people.

    And guess what. Wfpb eaters have no inflammation. No pills needed…. Lmfao this. Dudes a quack

  5. When you say grains, is brown rice bad?, also,or how about quinoa?,I'm switching my whole diet as I have Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver-Disease and also high uric acid,love grains but I will quit all if I'm gonna feel better,thanks for everything.

  6. I've been on the Keto diet now for 4.5 weeks. I stopped my blood pressure and gout meds after the 1st week of the diet. I am now having a gout flare up in my foot in spite of following the diet closely. No carbs except low-glycemic vegetables, etc. etc. I have been drinking about 10 oz per day of bone broth I made. I'm wondering if that could have triggered the gout. Was hoping gout would be a thing of the past now that I'm on Keto already 4.5 weeks. Any suggestions Dr. Berry? I've heard it said that weight lose can contribute to gout. I've lost 20 lbs in the 4.5 weeks. I am in ketosis and have been doing intermittent fasting eating 1 meal per day.

  7. I don't have gout attack but I have elevated uric acid since last year November until now …I give up drinking alcohol and eating chili crabs and prawn,shrimps ,I also replace fruit juices for soda ,I think I'd rather drink plain water.Thanks for the advice.

  8. I have been KETO for about 2 months now, lost 25 pounds and feel amazing, however, I have had 5 gout flare ups in the last 6 weeks, my doc puts me on steroids to clear the flare up but it comes back as soon as I am done with the pack. I am about ready to give up on the KETO diet even though I am seeing so many other benefits.

  9. Worse than child birth??? Hah! Bullshit! Not even close! What sane woman that has experienced both of these would say that?!!! This is from a woman whom can attest.

    Do not trust this doctor! Not every doctor was an A student, and not every doctor on YouTube is an literal doctor. Please go see your physician! Unless you’ve checked all his source links and have extracted the same exact conclusion OBJECTIVELY! Make sure he hasn’t cherry picked you into a worse situation. Remember that most doctors have investments in pharmaceuticals and some in supplements or whatever brand remedy. Get a second opinion. The statement about child birth was enough to prove his exaggeration. Also, how many of his patients have claimed it’s worse than lying on your back and screaming in deathly pain for 12-18 hours of brutal labor while your skin is being ripped, your pelvis feels like it’s going to explode before an 8lb lump of bone and tissue has to be pushed out of you??? There is no way 3 woman have made that same exact reference. NO WAY! Unless they has a Caesarian section, and that’s not childbirth! Also, not everyone has epidurals and drugs during childbirth. That quackery claim was an insult to all us good women who’ve suffered greatly to bring children into this world, especially naturally. No Sir! Not even close!

  10. Dammit. I just tried a hardcore flip to a ketogenic diet, and despite all the work I did, I had a seven day keto flu. I was dehydrated, and I was cramping up all the time. I literally could not wipe my bottom without cramping up in my rib cage and abdominals for the next 15 minutes. I was absolutely miserable for 7 days. I did not, however, have any hint of a gout flare up. So while I agree, I am not sure that I can follow a ketogenic diet. Yes, I sound like I'm whining. LOL

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